How to Order:  Peruse Azure’s online catalog to choose what you want.  Compile your order using our online order form that will email itself to Sue directly when you hit “submit” and also keeps track of your past orders so you can refer back to them or re-order your favorites.  Or, if you prefer, you can download and print a paper order form.   You can drop a paper order in Sue’s driveway drop-box at 750 Garfield Street in Cedarville, or you can scan it and email it to her.  We are not set up for phone orders, sorry.


Please use one of our custom Surprise Valley Naturals order forms linked on this page, not the Azure online shopping cart or the forms in the back of Azure’s paper catalog.  Also, pay when you pick up, not when you order.

Sue places one big combined order with Azure, and the 18-wheeler pulls up to her house a few days later.  With the help of volunteers, the truck gets unloaded and the order gets sorted into individual piles.  Then you come get your stuff (see “Picking Up Your Order”).

When to Order:  We order every 4 weeks.  The orders are due to Sue by midnight on a Tuesday.  Orders arriving late might not be able to be included, depending on the ordering timeline for that month.

We offer a reminder email or phone call to prospective customers each month.  The first email gives one week’s advance notice before the order deadline.  A second email is sent one day before the orders are due, both as a last-minute reminder and also with information about whatever fresh produce is available that month.  If you want to get these reminder emails or phone calls, let us know.

What to Order:  Spend a little time on Azure’s site and you’ll see much more than just good food.  Garden and pet supplies, kitchen and household items, personal care items, infant care items, even a few items of clothing.

With many Azure items, you’ll have the option of buying one, or a multi-pack of three, or buying by the case.  Buying single items will cost more than buying multiples, so buy the biggest pack that works for you.  The code numbers between pack sizes are usually similar, so make sure you’re ordering exactly what you want.  It’s also helpful, when you order, to include all the descriptive words listed in that item’s name.  In addition to noting if something is organic or not, this will generally include flavor and/or variety.  If you just write “yogurt” or “raisins”, we will have a challenge figuring out which of the several varieties of yogurt or raisins are yours from among all that were ordered.  Using the complete descriptions helps us make sure you get what you want.

The fine print: One reason you don’t pay until pickup is because most of Azure’s prices are not guaranteed.  Prices can and do change.  Be prepared, and let us know if you have a price limit above which you don’t want an item ordered.  Also, sometimes things are simply out of stock at the moment our order is being filled.  You can use Azure’s online catalog to see how many of something are currently in stock, to get a heads-up on what might be likely to be a no-show.  When you order, tell us if there is something you want to substitute if a first-choice item isn’t available.