Picking Up Your Order

Our order is delivered to Sue’s home at 750 Garfield Street in Cedarville. There’s a map below in case it’s your first time visiting.

Pickup starts at 1pm on the Sunday following each order.  Please don’t come earlier than that, as Sunday morning is our time for sorting the order and finishing up the pricing.  Sometimes we even make time for lunch!

Please be prepared to pay with cash or a check when you pick up. Please make checks to Sue Becker.  We are not set up to accept credit cards, sorry.  We are working on being able to accept SNAP and hope to have that option soon!

When you come to pick up, the first step is to find “your pile”.  It will have a copy of your order included as your receipt.  Please check that everything you ordered arrived.  Don’t forget that some items might be in the fridge or the freezer, or even out on the porch (garden starts and large bags, usually).  If anything you ordered didn’t arrive, you won’t be charged for that item. Normally we will have your total ready before you arrive, but if we notice something missing from your order at the last minute, we’ll make an on-the-spot adjustment before you pay.

Pickup location: